June 07, 2011

NOse Ring

Last night on the news I saw something icky. It was a story about a girl somewhere around these parts that was suspended from school for wearing a nose ring, which is against school rules.
She was suspended 3 times by the school and still refused to take out the nose ring. Apparently her reason for why she should be allowed to break the rules with the rose ring is because she is part of the Church of Body Modification.

That is a real thing. Check out their website here at your own risk.

I do not understand how this is a “Church” in any way and not just a congregation of tattoo and piercing addicts, but they have a website and won the lawsuit regarding the nose-ring girl, so I guess it’s for real.

Other really redeeming qualities about the Church, besides the fact that they get surgeries to split their tongues in half and make their ears into little horns, is the fact that they accept Corporate Sponsorships. Just way God and the disciples intended.

1 comment:

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