June 21, 2011


Besides usually being miserable and almost always occurring on the hottest day of the year, moving can also be kind of funny. Assuming you unearth hilarious finds that you didn't remember that you had, or, better yet, that you didn't know your roommate/spouse had.

For instance, I was tidying up yesterday and was shocked to realize that my 28 year old husband owned not only 2 basketball jerseys, a polyester paisley shirt, and a box full of fake plastic ducks, but also a full sized punching bag.


Our house in Chapel Hill was small, how did I manage to go 2 years there and never lay eyes of this massive punching bag. This is also to say that he did not ever use it.

Who doesn't need a giant, useless punching bag hiding in their house?! Just in case of an emergency fight club situation...

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