June 02, 2011

No Nod

Have any of you out there ever witnessed the phenomenon of unnecessary head nodding. I'm talking about when people are sitting in a lecture, an interview, or just a casual conversation and nod their heads to everything the other person is saying.

As if to say to the other person, and the world, that "Yes, that is correct. I am familiar with that information. I already knew that."

When I was in Greece we had the privilege of attending some lectures from really intelligent historians who were experts in things like Minoan civilization and the complex written language of ancient Greek.

There was one particularly heinous woman who nodded at EVERYTHING. I can understand maybe the brief nod in response to a question like, "Have you been enjoying the Greek food?" But when a pseudo-famous historian who has been featured on National Geographic is talking about decoding the Phaistos disc that is covered in hieroglyphics and dates back to 6000 BC, do not nod your head like you know what the hell he's talking about.

I think it's insulting to the people trying to teach you and just makes you look like an arrogant know-it-all.

Next time heinous woman on my trip, try a look of intrigue and delight to show you are appreciative of the knowledge someone has bestowed upon you. It's way more attractive to the person speaking, and the nosey Mamacita who has been staring at you nod your ass off with disgust.

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