June 07, 2011

Abduction is Blind

For the 3rd time since being married for a year, I'm living by myself again. This time only for 4 weeks.

On the nights I don't ease my worries with lots of wine, I get kind of scared at night. I'm not going to lie!

Last night, after trying to sleep for about 3 hours, I just got up and went to the bathroom for something new to do. I didn't bother putting on my glasses.

I started thinking that if there was someone downstairs to get me, the only thing that would suck worse than being abducted is being abducted without your glasses on! Hostages have it bad enough already. To be a legally blind hostage would just be too much to handle.

2 more weeks and I'm out of my dumpy house and my nighttime solitude...and moving in with my parents! I assure you I won't get lonely there!

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