June 02, 2011

Premature Diva

Lordy Bee. Apparently one of Mariah's babies is already a diva. At the ripe young age of 1 month old.

According to baby daddy Nick Cannon in this article, "My daughter is, that's her mothers child. Like she is like a diva. When she wants something, she's instantly crying letting you know likes she's going to be a little handful."

That's interesting. Because by that account I'm pretty sure that makes all babies divas. You know...because babies cry?

I think the writer of this article, stealing the cynicism right out of my own mouth, put it best: "At one month old, most babies can't even grasp anything, let alone talk. Perhaps in diva speak, coos and gurgling noises mean something non superstars can't comprehend. Or maybe, just maybe, Carey and Cannon are getting a bit ahead of themselves."

Nick and Mimi, maybe give them until at least 6 months old before putting labels on them. Give peace #dembabies a chance!

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