June 15, 2011

Unemployed and Loving It...Carb free and alone

To celebrate my last day at work, I decided I wanted to have wood-burned pizza and a bottle of wine with either my husband, sister, or favorite friend.

Unfortunately, due this emm eff South Beach Diet (which I'm kind of only pretend doing because I've been on a boredom-binder since last week), I had vodka soda and cauliflower/pretend mashed potatoes with chicken and hot sauce.

Alone...husband lives elsewhere, sister's in London, and favorite friend is eating wood-burned pizza with someone else in Charleston, basically food/wine/friend cheating on me :(

Nonetheless I did this. Ghetto style. In my mother-in-laws petite dog bowls. Because, if you follow me on twitter, you know I throw away everything and currently have no plates.

Cheers fellow unemployed divas! I hope you're all skinny and carbo-loading somewhere, because that would be way more fun.


  1. I would have MUCH rather been not cheating on you :(

  2. Ditto. I don't like cheating on you.
    PS Is that my cup,or did g-money get it?