June 10, 2011

Smelly Song Bird

Yes Please!

Mariah Carey Launching More Fragrances Named After Her Songs, according to this article.

I started looking up names of Mariah’s past songs to think of some funny possibilities of future fragrances.

That’s when I learned that her whole fragrance line is called Lollipop Bling. It looks like I couldn’t offend her fragrance line even if I wanted to, because she already thought of the most ridiculous name possible for the whole shebang.

But actual Mariah songs I found that would be funny fragrance names include:

*Candy Bling

*Touch My Body


*Angels Cry


*Bye Bye

*Did I do That?


*H.A.T.E.U. (according to Mariah, this stands for Having A Typical Emotional Upset…I die.)

*Joy Ride

*Side Effects

*Up Out My Face

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