June 20, 2011

I Heart Anonymity

Last week I got a massage. I couldn't stop thinking throughout the whole thing how comforting it was to have someone see you semi-naked and vulnerable on a massage table and not care at all about how fat she thought you were or what her take was on cellulite. The truth was, I didn't care at all what she thought because I knew I'd never lay eyes on her again.

I was moving the next day and I rarely ever get massages, so the odds were definitely in my favor for eternal anonymity with this woman. The comfort that brought was wonderful.

That also made me wax nostalgic have terrible flashbacks about the OB/GYN I went to in high school and college. She was a member of the church I went to and her son and daughter were in Youth Group with my sister and me. Not anonymous!

She would sit there while performing her doctoral "procedures" and start asking me about how my parents were doing, what was my sister up to in school, etc....Not ideal.

Even if it's for the sake of medicine and good health, I don't need someone asking mom and pops while my legs are in stirrups.

After I moved away from home I went to random doctors that I was happy to never see outside the hospital. Some people say random doctor/patient relationships can hurt patient care. I say it keeps the topic of my sister's after-school activities off limits while Dr. Random is feeling around to make sure I don't have breast cancer.

Anonymity for life!

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