June 14, 2011

Ice Loves Coco

There is just pretty much nothing about this article that isn't awesome. See the article here.

My favorite line is, "Coco wears full make-up and acrylic heels as she lifts weights in her private gym." And why the hell not, I say!

Don't tell anyone, but I watched the show last night. It was mildly entertaining. But what struck me the most was that Coco really is a down-to-earth, traditional wife. They seem really in love and devoted to each other.

So if Coco wants to have the world's biggest ass and dress like a stripper, more power to her! As long as she is loved and respected by her man, she should go on with her bad self.

Seriously though, look at the article. If nothing else, at least see the pictures. Homegirl is Curvaceous with a capital C!

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