June 30, 2011

Swimming in the heat

It is too hot.

I just went on an hour walk, which was not that fast paced. I should not be that sweaty.

But because it's the NC coast, because it's 90 degrees, and because it just rained, I feel like I just jumped in a pool with my clothes on. The whole walk I felt like I was swimming because the air is so moist and sticky. Even my breaths felt a little under-watery.

So that is what I looked like after an hour outside...red face, drenched hair, and neck-sweat-dreads.

I know I usually stay anonymous but I decided A) not enough people read my blog to ever risk me becoming famous and B) it is just selfish to rob the rest of the world of my ability to make absolutely heinous facial expressions. So expect to see a lot more of my schweaty face in the future.

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