June 20, 2011

I see London, I see Wimbledon...

I've been watching some of the Wimbledon Tournament today, in between unpacking and figuring out my new life.

I have noticed a major problem in the tennis community. I know these players, women in particular, have coaches, trainers, agents, and sponsors...So where is the member of that entourage that lets them know that millions and millions of viewers across the world can see their nipples?

I watched a 2 hour match between two women, whose names I cannot pronounce or remember, and for the entire time I can see the exact outline of both of their nipples. That's 2 hours, 4 nipples, and infinite confusion.

Maybe part of figuring out my new life will involve inventing some sort of sports bra that doesn't expose players' boobs to the entire Universe. Applications for partners currently being excepted. Experience a plus.

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