June 13, 2011

Name Drop It Like It's Hot

Last night was decidedly un-diva. I got jazzed about watching the Tony Awards because I usually love any award show…except the Tony’s I now know. I mean this in the least homophobic way possible, but that was the gayest thing I’ve ever seen.

I ended up needing a kick of testosterone after the failed Tony viewing, so I watched the NBA finals. While I didn’t really care who won, I cried anyway at the players’ happiness.

I also got really excited when Bill Russell presented the trophy because he and I go way back. He was in a joint business with my dad and he stayed at our house one time.

My dad told me that he definitely did NOT sign autographs, so I wasn’t supposed to ask him. He did not, however, forbid me from selling Bill something from my homemade store in our playroom, Hearts of Fire.

I wrote up the receipt for whatever candy or soda I guilted him into buying and tried to get him to sign it. But he said he’d just pay with change and didn’t need the receipt :(

Project Get-Bill Russell’s-Autograph was foiled, but at least I can say I shared a bathroom with an NBA legend. That’s one of the perks of being the youngest and being forced to share an adjoining bathroom with the guest room.

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