June 29, 2011

Talk to the hand

This just in from Mariah, via this article: 'This is baby Monroe saying 'no pictures dahhhhling' at 7+1/2 weeks. Oh dear.'

Sometimes I wish I could turn back time so that I can stay young forever. Now that Mariah Carey has kids I want to turn time forward so that I can see how wretchedly, fabulously divalicious they are when they grow up.

Can you even imagine? I am sure genetically they will be presdisposed to be 99% more ridiculous than other kids. But the fact that Mariah and Nick are interpreting simple hand movements as diva proclamations like "no pictures dahhhhhling" means for sure that they will be almost unspeakably diva.

It's a good thing there are two of them because I don't see them getting a lot of invitations to normal kids' Birthday parties with their list of baby RIDERS. They are going to need each other!

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