June 06, 2011

Heeeeey Dude!

The other day I saw a dead ringer for Kelly Brown, aka Brad from Nickelodeon's first original live action television series "Hey Dude".

I immediately started wondering what ol' Brad had been up to since her days as the foxy horse trainer from 1989-1991.

Because, as you know, most people who have hit shows in their teens or twenties like that go on to have a hilarious string of failed movies and cancelled sitcom Pilots. And usually some sort of drug problem. Thank goodness Zack Morris is the exception.

Not Kelly Brown! Homegirl starred in 61 episodes of "Hey Dude" and never acted again.

She must have really not liked that Mr. Ernst! Either that or she got irreversible chaffing from her chaps and was shunned from Hollywood.

Also MIA since "Hey Dude": Buddy Ernst, aka Josh Tygiel.

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