May 25, 2010

TMI, Self

Let me preface this by saying that I have been spending A LOT of time by myself in the past few weeks.

This past Saturday I went to the mall and was checking out at a store counter.

Not only did I have NO idea what day of the month it was, I also hadn't spoken to anyone in person in over 30 hours.

When signing and dating my receipt, I asked what day it was (thinking that maybe it was May 18th or thereabouts).

When the cashier told me that it was May 22nd, I proclaimed, "Oh my gosh, my carrots expire tomorrow!"

Apparently I was desperate to talk to someone and I didn't even know it! Not a safe practice!

After realizing what I'd just said, we both rapidly hurried the checkout process along. Clearly this is not typical information that is shared when buying a sweater set at the Ann Taylor Loft 30% off sale.

Not to future self, seek out human contact at least once a weekend. You don't want to surprise yourself or others with way TMI when you least expect it.

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