May 24, 2010

Oh, Joy

I really, really, really hope that this does not mean that I am going to start seeing the haunting face of evil product-pushing in commercials during my otherwise pleasant TV watching.

Tyra Banks is returning to modeling. And this time she's bringing her company, awesomely named Bankable Enterprises, with her.

I was hoping that with the end of her talk show I would happily live a Tyra-free existence. But, alas, I am still being punished for something I did in another life.

I'd also like to think that she would be confined to runways and, thus, out of my life, but I have never been very lucky. So I'm preparing for either A) a commercial invasion of Tyra's stupid face and a lower quality of life or B) a move to a country where TVs have yet to be introduced.

Either way, the outcome is not good.

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