May 25, 2010

Single and ready to mingle

My favorite part of The Bachelorette is the creative ways that all of the guys get around admitting that they don't have real jobs.

"You know, I was a consultant in Mergers and Acquisitions, but that wasn't fulfilling so I became an aspiring Screenwriter." - UNEMPLOYED

"I was a teacher but I spent the last 2 years taking care of my mother and had to quit my job." - UNEMPLOYED

"I'm an outdoorsman, through and through." - UNEMPLOYED (and not very good at making up excuses apparently)

There were some moments in last night's season premiere that were so awkward and uncomfortable I seriously had trouble falling asleep.

In other news, if Aly's career as a chronic reality TV contestant doesn't pan out, she should definitely pursue a job in politics, because I have never seen someone so good at responding to awkward, scary strangers.

Editor's note: I am pretty sure those are denim Chuck Taylor's pictured above. Uh oh.

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