May 19, 2010

If feels good to be bad

I heart days when you have something to do right after work, making it impossible to go to the gym even if you "wanted to."

I heart them almost as much as I heart Spanx, white wine, and long weekends.

Such days are so much more relaxed and worry/guilt free.

I need to start making more 5pm weekday dates after I get married*!
* In related and ironic news, I've actually started making a list of things I want to eat after I get married. Related because it revolves around my obsession with food. And ironic because I haven't lost any weight anyways, so I might as well start the list now.

1 comment:

  1. hahhahahahahahhahahaha soo true! :) if you need a buddy to eat with im only 45 mins away :)