May 26, 2010

Got a light?

Not only can I not believe this is real, I really don't even want to.

How lil' Ardi started smoking in the first place is a mystery to me, but I'm sure it was just hilarious for all witnesses involved.

And, apparently they can't get him to quit!? Here's an idea. Don't buy cigarettes for him!!!


Since 2-year olds can't have jobs because, well, THEY ARE 2, they don't have any money. Take away the source, solve the problem.

This is so sad and stupid. I don't think I'll be honoring his mom and dad with any parents of the year awards, because even if the smoking doesn't kill him, the childhood obesity sure will.
Also, I would love to see how this plays out when the kid hits pre-school. I don't remember there being a Smoking section at my elementary school.

Thank mom and dad! This smoke ring is for you!

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