May 20, 2010

If she's not "skinny", then what the hell are we?

Does anyone else think it's absolutely rediculous when Kim Kardashian says "I'll never be one of those skinny girls" ?!

According to my research, she weighs only 109 pounds. I know that she is only about 5'2", but at a size 2, that is skinny!

Sure, I subscribe to more of the "You bet your ass I can't eat just one" philosophy, so my standards may be different. But this bitch is skinny.

Just because you have some curves instead of the prebubescent boy body of Kate Bosworth, doesn't mean you're fat.

I even calculated Kim's BMI and, while she is in the "normal" range, she's at the very bottom of that range.

I would just like to point out that it's laughable that she has a magazine cover celebrating that she's not "skinny" when she's a size 2. What a beautiful message to send to all of the starving and insecure women out there.

Bravo Kimmy!

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