May 05, 2010

Biggest Loser, Smallest Facial Hair

The makeover episode of Biggest Loser is always my favorite. And last night, like always, brought a tear to mine eye.

I think we all know that these contestants have to agree to NOT cut their hair or shave their faces for the duration of the show.

There is no way that it is a coincidence that 12 people get on a show and give up all haircare and facial maintenance for that many months.

Thus, the changes after their makeovers are even more dramatic and more tear jerking. It's a beautiful time of the year.

However, I have a major issue with the facial hair that many of the male contestants chose to keep post-makeover!
While Sam dons a goatee and Michael, some sort of miscellaneous hair patch, I was most horrified by Koli's SOUL PATCH!!!

Excuse me, but NEVER is a soul patch ok. I'll admit that I am biased and hate all facial hair, but back me up on this people!

Soul patches (or whichever of the many naughty other words you want to call it) are disgusting reminders that you almost made a good decision in cleaning up your face.
Close, but no cigar.

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