May 20, 2010


My mom pointed out last night that I haven't really been my usual prolific self on DSW.

And upon reflection, I would half to agree.

My most frequent recent topics have pretty much focused just on food and wine. And, let's be real divas, that is usually what I think about.

But I also typically have an equal amount of divine thoughts of divas and hateful complaints about random civilians.

So I am here to apologize. I think I know why I am so distracted from diva-ness, and it's either one of two things.

1) It's because I'm getting married in 16 days and even though it's a small wedding and virtually every single minute detail is complete, and I am not the least bit worried about actually being married, I am 100% TERRIFIED of being "on stage" in front of all of my friends and being the center of attention for two whole nights.

It's virtually impossible to fall asleep at night, my heart rate soars throughout the day, and I have never felt so impatient in my life. I need the weekend to GET HERE STAT!


2) It's because I'm so excited about seeing Sex and the City 2, that all other Diva thoughts are blocked from my stream of conscious.

Either way, I need to take a big fat chill pill!

Don't worry, imma keep on blogging whenever I can think of something. But hopefully after June 5 I will be back in action with my usual stream of verbal diarrhea and won't be so mentally blocked!

1 comment:

  1. It must be SATC2. Clearly, a wedding is nothing to stress about :) We had so much fun with yall last weekend. I am still recovering!