May 02, 2010


This weekend did NOT disappoint as far as fun times and celebrity sightings go.

Here's a brief list of the celebs I saw. Wait for more on the specific incidents in which I egg HARD with every person I talked to.

- Zach Galifanakis
- Kim Kardashian
- Chace Crawford
- Tony Romo
- Jessica Alba
- Larry King (looks like a lizard, I had a physical reaction when I saw him...scary)
- Matthew Morrison (omg, Glee!!!!)
- T-bone Burnett
- Tracy Morgan
- Rachel Ray
- Cynthia Nixon (so gorgeous, her lover wore a tuxedo...enough said)
- Bradley Cooper (mega hot, mega hair gel)
- Donatella Versace (looks like a literal dolphin - the real fish, not the porpoise)
- Fred Armasted
- Elizabeth Moss
- Jonas Brothers
- Ty Burrell
- Ashley Judd (gorgeous and sounded really sweet)
- Omar Epps
- Marlon Wayans
- Rahm Emanuel
- Adrien Grenier (hoooooot)
- Wolf Blitzer
- Chris Matthews
- Dennis Quaid
- Bobby Flay (looks like a villain)
- Tony Kornheiser

There might be more and I will add as I remember.

I know it's super obnoxious to list these but it was so exciting!

Not only did I see more celebrities than I ever thought I would, but I also confirmed the ability of my body temperature to go from 98.7 to 400 degrees in 3 seconds flat.

I am definitely meant to be a non-famous civilian. Fame makes me nervous and awkward. See follow ups for why I should never attempt to speak to a celebrity again.

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