May 18, 2010

Check Please

If you are the type of person that likes to finish things immediately and cross them off of your list of things to do, I would have to advise against signing up for Netflix.

I took over my fiance's account when he moved away for his summer internship. And, as much as I love watching new and old movies whenever I want, I have to admit I feel kind of like a failure every time I return and receive a new movie and have nothing to show for it besides a long list of movies that I still have to watch.

I think the only way to over come the Netflix vs. neurosis battle would be to watch every single movie they have available.

Maybe I should consider that for a documentary, "How I conquered Netflix, and Lost all my friends as a result."

Watch out Sundance!

The same can definitely be said for a wedding registry as well, but in that case, everyday you get a gift is kind of like an early Christmas, so it's worth it to feel crazy and unaccomplished.

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