May 30, 2010

Sex and the City Boo

The reviews are in, and Sex and the City 2 gets a big fat....FFFFF

Not for Fabulous, not for Fashion, and not for Fairly bearable.

Because it wasn't any of those things....

I thought this movie was bad. And not just compared to my colossal expectations. It was bad, bad.

The plot was pointless, the fasion was not even enviable, the passion was non existent, and the worst part...THE ACTING WAS TERRIBLE!

I didn't think you could get that many veteran thespians to overact for more than 2 hours, but kudos SATC 2, you have achieved the impossible.

Furthermore, Carrie was an insufferable bia for the entire 2+ hours, only talking about herself and being the quintessential naggy wife to Big. And Carrie, just because you are thin at your age doesn't mean you have to wear strapless everything with your boobs popping out.

I want to warn you not to see this movie, but if you're anything like me, nothing could stop you.

However, if you're on the fence about seeing it, DON'T GO!

I decided the only way to recover from this was to go home, watch the first movie again, and pretend that that was the end. Nothing ever happened after that. Everyone just dies and goes to marital bliss and fashion heaven.

After the first movie, I actually joined a waiting list to purchase the DVD. After the second movie, I joined a waiting list to erase part of my memory and get 2 hours of my life back.

All in all, two very disappointed thumbs down.

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  1. The only good part of the movie was sitting next to Mamacita!! She is the best.