February 01, 2013

Single Livin'

One of my favorite things about being home alone when the husband is away is that you can do ridiculous things like take up the entire refrigerator with a salad spinner.  

That's prime fridge real estate right there.  I couldn't do that if I had to house a bunch of chicken and steaks for the week!  

I also like it because, even though I love to cook, I can exist on crackers, lettuce, and tuna salad and barely even dirty a dish.

But I also get really bored eventually.  I'm all out of Real Housewives to watch and white wine to drink and last night I accidentally took a nap at 6:30pm.  The last time I took a nap that late was in middle school and I woke up confused and terrified that I had missed by friend's bar mitzvah.  Time for the G-man to come back home.  Things are getting weird.

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