March 31, 2011

Love in the Time of Cholera

There's a lot of reasons why I am happy I made this blog and that all things "diva" have permeated my life.

But the best and funniest to me is when my husband calls things "diva." This is made funnier by the fact that he is one of 4 boys and had never heard the word diva until he met me.

If I ever want to take a sick day off of work when I'm not really sick (which I would NEVER do b/c I am the model employee), he says I'm taking a "diva day". His words, not mine.

I think it is funny that instead of judging me or getting mad at me for doing something so irresponsible, he embraces it and adds the word diva to it. He must really get me :)

Now he is sick and he just called me to ask if he could pick me up from work and make the rest of the day a "diva day" and go get fro yo.

I said no because I am too responsible and b/c I just damn near od'ed on early Easter chocolates. But it made me giggle mucho.

Then he, who barely even reads my blog, referenced this post and asked if it applies to men.

I've never been more sure I married the right guy.

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  1. I haven't laughed as hard as I have in the last two days in a verrryyy long time :) I hope to see you soon lady!