October 21, 2009

I got beef

with some of the outfits ladies be wearin on the streets. As such, I want to share a very important fact that I have picked up over the last 25 years: IT IS NOT HARD TO PUT ON PANTS. Really any pants; short pants; long pants; Capri pants; plaid pants. However, Pajama pants are just NOT ok.

I actually saw a girl a minute ago wearing actual bedroom slippers. Of course she was wearing sweatpants too, but that’s beside the point. It is 1PM on a Wednesday people! I get that you may be in college, you may be doing the walk of shame, you may be hungover, or you may just be suuuper laid back. Still, pants…not hard!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not the most fashionable person in the world. But I can assure you, I put on actual, tailored pants, and actual shoes with soles on them every single solitary day.

Obvi skirts and dresses are accepted and encouraged, just, please, do not wear your pajamas out in public. By doing so you offend even the most fashion-challenged of divas, and isn’t their life hard enough already?!? Seriously


  1. What wrong wit dat girl doot? Her left doot all thicc n joosey, makin me considerate on slappin my chinstrap on n jus goin to town on dat mug but dat right side all sunk down n nastay. Look like she got half a doot aids o sumpin. She best thank bout a doot implant if she want TWCWC to bkacc dat up.

    Holla Diva.

  2. I seriously disagree with this post.
    pants hurt my fat stomach and I have been to the grocery store in pj bottoms MANY times.
    back the eff off.

  3. Hahaha, sorry CC. This wasn't directed toward you. I would just really take whta Tookie said to heart because it makes so much sense, it has to be deep. xoxo

  4. Ain't got nuttin but love for Caroline, bet all the guys say she mighty fine. Girl, sound like she got a hotty body. Lemme get dem digits. I got some coupons for the Golden Corral for my birfday thas fixin to expire, been savin em for sumbodie speshul. Whatchu thank?