March 08, 2011

True Stories from the Ghost of Workplace Past - Part II

Because of wierd timing, I got my second job before it was actually available. Therefore, in the interim of about 3 months before I could actually fill my permanent position, I did some training.

But mostly I drove an hour to Greenbelt, MD everyday to work at a collection agency that was randomly also owned by my future employer, which was a residential real estate company.

That's right. A collection agency.

In addition to cold-calling clients everyday to get their udpated contact information, I also got to witness the real collections masters go to work screaming and fighting with debtors on the phone.

There was nary another person in the office that weighed under 200 lbs.

In fact, one day one of the collection agents brought a salad for lunch and the rest of the coworkers literally sneered at her and made fun of her.

I on the other hand brought a turkey sandwich everyday packed in a cooler, and ate in my car alone. These people frightened me. I was not even trying to get hazed for eating a lean meat.
To be continued...

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