March 11, 2011

True Stories from the Ghost of Workplace Past - Part V

We will wrap up this riveting series with a few obvious observations.

Yes, I have had a lot of jobs. Yes, a lot of them have been awful/awesomely awful/wierd.

But my most previous job before the one I have now found me sitting across from my soulmate. Nay, an angel sent from above.

Have you ever wished that you worked next to your best friend?

That you could bring your Ipod to work and listen to your favorite Disney songs and not give a damn because the person across from you loves them too?

Well gang, I had that.

I had a coworker I never thought could exist outside of my wildest dreams. She loved the soundtracks to The Little Mermaid and Mama Mia as much as me.

She loved talking about food as much as me.

And she loved dancing around the office when no one was looking and challenging each other to switch-split contests.

She was everything and more. And I let it all slip away just so I could marry my current husband. Oh wait, I don't regret that at all. But I miss the hell of that dancing queen.

But in true Mamacita wierd work fashion, she did start her name with two capital AA's, so that's still really wierd.

Nonetheless, no one will ever match up to AA___. I miss you!

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