March 07, 2011

True Stories from the Ghost of Workplace Past

It's been brought to my attention that I have been cursed blessed with some tremendous workplace situations and coworkers.

So in my absence this week (estoy en Puerto Rico!), I thought I would shower you with a daily gift of a story from the ghost of Mamacita's Workplace Past. Let's start off simple.

My first job ever was as an Executive Assistant at a company called 1-800-PackRat. I had to answer the phone 30 times a day saying, "1800PackRat, this is Mamacita. How can I help you?"

Try doing that 30 times a day and respecting yourself. I've officially said the word "rat" more than one human ever should.

I eventually quit because my boss was a monster douche. Quite literally the meanest man I've ever met.

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