March 30, 2011

Sicky Baby

Mayday Mayday! We’ve got another sick husband situation on our hands.

If you don’t remember verbatim my post from last October about how sick men are pathetic babies, check it out here.

Well…that’s all still true. And now he’s sick again! But this time it’s just a really sad dry cough.

And last night, I actually heard him whimpering while I was trying to sleep…SPARE ME!

I said, “Sweetie, go buy yourself some medicine, drink some tea or lemon water, and then I will have some sympathy. But if you continue you to do nothing to remedy the situation other than complain and feign death, then SHUT UP!”

Aren't I the sweetest? I'll give him a compliment tonight or something to make it up, but I swear, this instantaneous reversion to infancy when a man is sick is enough to make a girl a lesbian!


  1. Thanks for making me laugh really hard with this. Just watch out that he doesn't spend a pretty penny on medicine for that mean dry cough.

  2. This is the email he sent me today:

    According to web md, you gave me viral pneumonia or possible non-small cell lung cancer. Never eating your cookies again.

    You husband is a cry-baby for sure :)

  3. Hahahah oh my gosh. He is being soo dramatic! I bet your cookies were fabulous!