March 03, 2011

I Heart Birthday Discounts

Last night was one for the books in terms of good deals. I was so high off discounts that I convinced myself I was the next Suze Orman, only not a lesbian.

Thanks to a 15% off Birthday card from Anthropologie, and a little patience with a gift card from Christmas, I got a $98 dress from Anthro last night for only $1.73 out of my pocket!

I also got a $40 Banana Republic shirt for $15 because I've been saving a $10 reward card that I coupled with my $15 Birthday reward card. Both items are perfect for my trip next week to...wait for it...Puerto Rico!

And I also got a "pedicure" for free thanks to a promotion I found in the newspaper.

Basically I got $175 worth of stuff and services for only $26.73, including tip for the "pedicure."

That's wicked awesome, eh? It pays to sign up for all that Anthro card, BR Visa, etc. crap sometimes! I ain't scurred to be the crazy lady with coupons ;)

I wish it was my Birthday everyday!

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