March 10, 2011

True Stories from the Ghost of Workplace Past - Part IV

Once I finally got to fill my permanent position at the residential real estate company, the job itself normalled out a lot.

My coworkers, however, did not!

One of the co-owners of the company, who's name is soo gay that I'm not even going to name it because you wouldn't believe me, had a major flair for the dramatic.

He would go to his cabin up north, which he called something like "Heaven by way of North," and come back with the most ridiculous emails EVER regarding baked goods.

Here's a typical sample of an email he would send to our entire office: "Children, I have just bitter sweetly returned from Heaven By Way of North and have purchased the most fabulous apple pie that one could ever allow to meet the lips of one's mouth. It is in the kitchen. Hurry now before the pie fairies eat it all up. It simply has to be tasted to be believed."

I'm paraphrasing by memory, but I would bet that is the 99% accurate copy of an actual email from him those years ago.

He was also the proud owner of Japanese Bath. I have no idea what that is but he boasted that it could hold 30 gallons of water and allow him to spend hours soaking, "Relaxing away the nastiness of the day!" While that is the most environmentally unfriendly bath situation I've ever heard of, it's also the most dramatic. Therefore, I like it.

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  1. I can't tell you how grateful I am that you are still posting for SB2K11.