March 25, 2011

Eternal Diva

Elizabeth Taylor was 15 minutes late to her own funeral, at her own request.,,20261725_20476376,00.html

This is truly a diva move. And 50/50 in the way I like. 50% like because it's the most ridiculous, diva move ever. And 50% dislike because I think being late should be a federal offense.

Other mindblowing facts about the funeral:

1) It was an hour long

2) It was multi-denominational...I can understand that for a wedding b/c 2 people might have different religious beliefs...but for one person to be multiple religions even in death... just make up your mind!

3) Carrie Fisher, aka Princess Lea, is her stepdaughter

4) Colin Farrell gave a reading. What. the. hell.

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