March 09, 2011

True Stories from the Ghost of Workplace Past - Part III

One day at the collection agency, after coworker Candy (real name) had told a riveting story of her new frog tattoo that she just got with her mom, "Because my mom's cool like that," my pseudo-supervisor just up and had a full-fledged seizure.

It. Was. Bizarre.

I was Gchatting my sister about the epicness of Candy's tattoo when $hit started to go down. I literally was typing things like, "Someone in this office is having a seizure. I don't know what to do. Is this real life?"

Luckily...Dr. J, who was also a part owner in the real estate company, and also co-founder of the collection agency, was ALSO a practicing medical doctor.

He swooped in, brought the seizer down to the floor, and put a wallet in her mouth lest she bite of her tongue.

The paramedics came, checked out the stroker, and recommended she come to the hospital. I kid you not, she declined the trip to the hospital, gave Dr. J back his wallet, and worked for the rest of the day as if nothing ever happened.

I couldn't make this $hit up if I tried.

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