March 02, 2011

Holy Chickens that's a lot of crazy

After what can only be called a nightmarish sleep, post-Charlie Sheen 20/20 special last night, it's official. The man is bat shit crazy.

The only thing I'm unsure of is which part of his nutzo persona is the craziest to date.

The fact that he calls those busted girls "goddesses"?

The fact that his heart hasn't exploded from doing "5 gram rocks", strenuous exercise, and allegedly never sleeping?

Or his out-of-nowhere obsession with all things space-related? I recall the mention of being "a rock star from Mars," "riding on a Mercury surfboard," having "Adonis DNA," and a brain that is "not of this terrestrial world."

Apparently the man likes his Star Wars as much as he likes his crack rock and crazy pills!
And how many times can a grownass man use the word "DUH!" in a nationally broadcast television interview without realizing what a dbag he sounds like?!

Thank heavens his sons were taken away from him last night. Home is NOT wherever you are when you are certifiably insane!

*I will give a vile of Charlie Sheen's tiger blood to anyone who can tell me where I got the title for this post.

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