March 31, 2011

Bittersweet Fertility

Another joyous ending to an uplifting season of Teen Mom 2. Just a few thoughts on this finale.

The only question more perplexing than where the hell Janelle’s mom got her accent from is how Janelle has the audacity to yell at her mom for yelling at her…the day after she got arrested for 1) Breaking and Entering, 2) Possession of Marijuana, 3) Possession of Paraphernalia.

And the only thing more awesome than Corey and Leah getting married in Camouflage is that they actually got married at a place called Coon Skin Park. That’s just straight up romantic, yall!

Also, it was such a sweet treat for lil Aubrey when her baby’s mama’s mama used her Birthday wish to wish for Chelsea to stay away from her baby daddy. I’m sure that’s exactly what that one year old wanted!

This show really warms the heart.


  1. Although you just stated a few of the many many many reasons this show is a horrible reflection of (some) of our culture...I absolutely cannot stop watching this!

    PS - I totally think about Janelle's mom's accent all the time. The mom seems cool but Janelle just walks all over her!

  2. Yea her mom is "forgiving" but not "cool". Kids like Janelle do not eff up themselves. Their parents do it. Barbara (Ba'bra) is soooo confrontational and argumentative. She needs to either be a nice, loving mother. Or stick to her guns when she tries to discipline J-nasty. She's never going to learn her lesson if her mom keeps taking her back.

    Either way, I feel confident that these are particular probelms we wont have to deal with anytime soon.