March 30, 2011

Make a Life Get a Life

In what is shaping up to be the most dramatic birth in the history of the world, Mariah Carey is allegedly going to have her babies anyday now. Oh, excuse me, I mean #dembabies as she is so fondly calling them via Twitter.

(Hint: I'm being sarcastic, that is the most ghetto $h*t ever).

Please read this article surrounding the dramz. Not for the hardhitting journalism. But for the hilarious comments that follow. Favorites include:

* "Welcome to the World Butterfly Valentine and Hermes Nicholas "

* "'Umm...she will be in her 50s before they are even teenagers! The other children will taunt them about their OLD mother"

(Response from another commentor)

'Hmm, well okay... a good defence would be "my mother is the most successful female artist of all time and has more no. 1s than anyone except the Beatles". I'm sure they will be fine and have very privileged lives, jesus christ. '

* I bet you a million that one is cute like her and one is fugly like him. Same with J-Lo's twins.

I have seriously been blogging about the possibility of her becoming a mother since October of 2009.

This needs to go ahead and happen ASAP. And I probably really need to get a life.

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