January 04, 2011

Symptoms of Depression

You want to know how divas know they are truly sick? When they've lost the will to shop.

This happened to be last night and it was truly disorienting.

I went to the mall to return something, which usually always means that I'm also going to stop by a few more stores and at least browse.

Well last night I simply couldn't browse. I even had gift cards in hand and I just couldn't muster up the energy to shop. That's like free shopping that I passed up! T'was a sad trip to the mall.

However, I marched my ass home, watched 3 episodes of Lost because I am always at least 3 years behind technology, made a fruit smoothie parfait and convinced myself it would heal me, and went right on to bed.

Today I am healed! And you know how Stella got her groove back? Well Mamacita done got her appetite back! DANGER!

Now the will power needs to kick in to complete the dreaded New Year's resolution. Wish me luck!

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