January 03, 2011

Money for nothing

I was at the car dealership last week because, you know, it's always something! As I was waiting for an hour and a half for my car computer to be reset for the depressing tune of $113.89, I went searching for entertainment.

Do not, I repeat, do not go to a car dealership unarmed with your own entertainment. Unless you love AARP, Ebony, and AAA magazines you will find nothing to keep you busy until the repairman comes and tells you it will be another 1.5 hours (which so happened).

Well that's not totally true. There was a muted version of Let's Make a Deal and then The Young and the Restless on the TV, but I'd rather catch up on my AARP news than watch that garbage.

Here's to a repair-free 2011 fellow car owners!


  1. I was at the car dealership the same day for 3 hours and, in true Nance-o style, managed to sneak in a nap while sitting at a table. It made time go by faster.

  2. You have a gift my child. You are truly blessed.