January 12, 2011

Butterfly Tweets

The spirit just moved me to look up Mariah Carey's twitter page for the first time. How I've never done this before is beyond me.

It's nothing really special except for the fact that she calls her followers "Lambs" and "Lambys". But I did find this one gem: "Cha Cha took over our bed after her belligerent daughter Jackie Lamb Chops beat her a**! http://yfrog.com/h6yqzxj"

Just to be clear, that means she named one of her dogs Jackie Lamb Chops. Jackie? Fine. Lamb Chops? I kind of like it, very diva! But Jackie Lamb Chops? How specific and random can you possibly be at the same time?!

I CANNOT WAIT to see what she names her twins. If previous speculation from DSW readers ends up being correct, possible names could include the following:

-Fantasia (-tasia for short)
-Peaches Honeyblossom Carey
-Stiletto Butterfly Cannon Carey

My vote goes to Stiletto Butterfly!

BTW: That outfit pictured above wouldn't even look good on non-pregnant women.


  1. But she added those lovely chains to really smarten up the outfit! (ugh).

  2. I like her strategic placement of the chains to highlight just the right boob