January 03, 2011

Party Hardly

Oh New Years Eve. The time for getting no sleep, waking up feeling sick, and not knowing how this happened...

That all happened to me this NYE, but not because of too much partying.

My husband and I both got a celebratory case of food poisoning. And a subsequent 3 hours of sleep that night. Don't they say food poisoning is supposed to be a 24 hour thing? Because it's been over 48 hours and I'm still too scared to eat anything.

The good news is I've got quite the jumpstart for my weight loss goal! And, as usually happens with food poisoning, I also have a new list of foods I won't be eating for at least 6 months, which should help me lose the rest of the weight.

Said foods include, but are not limited to, ground beef, steak, blue cheese (especially blue cheese), gravy, and most definitely NOT crabcakes. It really does pain me to even type those words.

And just to make the situation even more ideal, we had to drive 5.5 hours the next day to get home. That was a really fun carride.

Cheers to my first NYE being married, and my first tandem food poisoning with my mate. May there be zero more times of that in the future!

Editor's note: This post is not sponsored by Charmin, but they can thank my household for the successful Q1 this year

1 comment:

  1. Uh oh! That sounds like fun! Hope you're feeling better.

    Remember to stay away from the crab and ground beef surf & turf!!!