January 25, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Hair Scare

What is going on with Adrienne Maloof's "hair tinsel"?

She seems almost semi-normal, aside from her blatant husband-hating on the show. So I am shocked and disappointed to see her wear this ridiculous bling in her hair week after week.

Hopefully by next season someone will have sent her an anonymous letter letting her know that just plan old hair extensions all by themselves are fine. No need to add fake gold crap as well.


  1. i think they set her apart and give the image that shes different and takes a fashion risk! I like her PopTinsel! I think its super cute!

    to each her own, I respect your blog :)

    Interesting and fun to watch, regardless!

  2. I just assumed she is so rich she has gold growing out of her head.

  3. Haha Cara that would be amazing. I wish that were true!