January 27, 2011

My Strange Addiction - Am I getting punked?

I am pretty sure I'm getting Punked, because there is no way these "strange addictions" are real.

Last night I watched an episode in which one woman is addicted to eating toilet paper and doesn't think there is anything wrong with it (!), and another is addicted to sleeping with her hair dryer.

I semi-believe the toilet paper thing, just because I saw the woman eat a lot of it, but that hair dryer thing is too hard to believe. Just turn it off!

When my husband realized what I was watching, the disappointment in his eyes was almost heartbreaking.

I don't think I'll tune into My Strange Addiction again because I don't really understand the addictions and they really gross me out.

And because other notable addicitons in other episodes include:

- Eating household cleaner

- Eating detergent and soap

- Hair pulling and eating the follicles...yeeeeeeckkk!

- Wearing a fur suit

- Eating couch cushions (Adele has eaten over 3 couches in her life...what?! how?! why?! no!)

- Silicon wife

- Scab picking (I'm almost crying while typing this)
- Rocks (not that dramatic, but I just couldn't end this post on scab picking)

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  1. HAHAHAHHA...OK, I AM LAUGHING...OUT...LOUD AT THIS "ENTRY"!!!! Everything, just everything, you said...HILARIOUS!