January 19, 2011

Bedazzled bestupid

If every baby momma on Teen Mom 2 is after her baby daddy for money for diapers and formula, and always jonzing for a place on her own, then why do they always have brand new, albeit heinous, fake nails!?

Shouldn't that money go to your baby's well-being rather than plastic bedazzled nails?


  1. I have TOTALLY thought about this during the show. I save up for manis and hairdids but they get them on the reg...yet can't pay for their kids. Maybe this is all why they are on a show about getting preggers at 16....?

  2. I totally know what you mean!! And WHEN, please tell me WHEN did various colors of the French manicure get popular? I mean - red tips??? Hot pink tips?? The white ones are bad enough and now you're making them colorful? Ugh. Go buy some pampers. (although I am completely and totally in love with that show).