January 12, 2011

Hide your kids, hide your wife baby momma

Tuned in to the newest group of Teen Moms yet? I sure did.

I'm afraid Janelle is going to make it hard to watch this season, as she is a wretched mom-hating monster.

Highlights so far:

Favorite quote from the episode regarding Jace's baby daddy Andrew -> "He's supposedly modeling in China."

Favorite post from the Teen Mom 2 comment section -> "Jenelle is the new Amber."

I am ashamed to understand that sentence, but delighted that the new season is upon us! When you know, you know!


  1. This has become, embarrassingly, my favorite show. I HATE Jenelle! Can someone help me understand how they talk like they're from the backwoods of Massachusetts, but apparently live in small town North Carolina? I could talk about this show for days...

  2. True dat. Her mom sounds like she just paked the ca in havad yad.