January 27, 2011

Product Review - Digiorno Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza

It's not delivery. It's crap.

Worst. food. ever.

This "pizza" tasted like air, with an airy crust that, although fine in texture, tasted like something less exciting than nothing.

There was nary a hint of buffalo flavor to be found. And I would know. I am a buffalo sauce connoisseur.

While I'm not typically in the habit of eating freezer pizzas, my roommate and I both needed a buffalo style hangover cure Sunday night and we decided on this Digiorno flavor. While it didn't cure my hangover, it did cure my desire to ever buy Digiorno again.

It was literally so bad that I went online to find the information where I could write Digiorno and tell them how awful it was. It was only then that I realized that this flavor isn't even on their website anymore!!!!

In fact, this link is the only sign I could find online that it even exists!! That is just scary.

Does this mean that we ate an old, not-even-sold-anymore pizza!!??

Maybe it got stuck in a time vortex that sucked out all its flavor than accidentally left it behind on the freezer aisle at Harris Teeter.

Regardless, don't buy this ever if you see it.

And Mr. Digiorno, if you're listening: I WANT MY MONEY BACK!


  1. that is heartbreaking.
    love, fellow lover of all things buffalo

  2. I actually like this product. Maybe the review came from someone who has other issues since she is trying to cure a hangover on a product review blog. My suggestion is to purchase whatever pizza you enjoy and our reviewer can join a nice session at rehab.

  3. this pizza is the SHIT!! what the hell do you eat? This is the best product Digiornio has ever made EVER. I have bought five at a time before when they threatened to discontinue

    DIVA, don't h8