January 06, 2011

Le' Petite Horror

Today I'd like to talk about a little something I like to call le' petite horror.
If you are anything like me, than petite would be one the most likely adjectives someone would use to never describe you.

Now let me paint a little picture for you...

You're walking around Banana Republic picking up a few items that you like, putting some back, taking some to try on. Jewelry looks cute but always falls apart, screw that. Ooh that cute sweater over there has caught my eye, I'll go check it out! Pick it up, hold it over you, decide to take it to the dressing room, and then look at the tag. It's a 6P!!!!!

Danger! Danger! Step away from the garment. Put it back on the rack, glance around like you just shot someone and pray to God that no one saw you thinking you were actually going to pull off a petite. Back away slowly and leave the area immediately!

Has that ever happened to any of you non-petites out there? Why don't they make the transition from normal to freakishly small more obvious?!

I vote that retailers should make the Petite section more like the red light district in Amsterdam. Light that $hit up! Help a big boned sista know when she's trespassing onto enemy territory!

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