January 13, 2011

Things that are NOT diva - Warehouse Sales

Yesterday I went to the J.Crew warehouse sale that is going on in Chapel Hill for a couple of weeks. I was so excited to get a $3 bathing suit and some $20 boots, or whatever other cheap crap I could find.

Boy was I in for a rude awakening. Upon entering the space, I was handed a trash bag...I knew this was not going to be the divalicious budget goldmine I had dreamt of.

And as if the trash bag wasn't bad enough, there was literally ZERO organization of the clothes. The clothes were neither organized by size, color, style, garment, price, season, nor any other adjective imagineable.

The $3 bathing suits were nowhere to be seen. They might have been in one of the hundreds of cardboard boxes, under the endless piles of muted colored linen somethings, animal print rejects, and shirts with plastic sequins on them. But I wouldn't know, because I carried that trash bag from the entrance of the store to the exit of the store with a look of horror on my face.

I don't even like shopping in the sale racks just because of how disorganized they always are. This was absolutely unshoppable.

This isn't meant in a snobby way, because goodness knows I have nary a disposable penny, but sometimes you just can't put a price on knowing where the hell the shirts, in your size, to your liking are.

Shop at your own risk if you must go. But know that this place does not come recommended by Mamacita!

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  1. I went in there today and you are right, it was crazy!! I did find a pile of clothes to stuff in a bag then narrow down to 8 pieces that I purchased... after about 2 hours. I might go back tomorrow since a new shipment comes in since the sale really is pretty good despite the wild organization!